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Courtesy of David Jefferies

Snow Goose Ross's Goose
Gambel's Quail (male) Gambel's Quail (female)
Montezuma Quail Pied-billed Grebe
Magnificent Frigatebird Great Blue Heron
Little Blue Heron Reddish Egret
Green Heron Red-tailed Hawk
Sandhill Crane Piping Plover
Long-billed Curlew Long-billed Dowitcher
Laughing Gull Franklin's Gulls
Band-tailed Pigeons Mourning Dove
Greater Roadrunner Eastern Screech-owl
Great Horned Owl Common Pauraque
Buff-bellied Hummingbird Golden-fronted Woodpecker
Williamson's Sapsucker Great Kiskadee
Green Jay Mexican Jay
Mountain Chickadee Red-breasted Nuthatch
Rock Wren Hermit Thrush
Grey Catbird Long-billed Thrasher
Crissal Thrasher Northern Mockingbird
Grasshopper Sparrow Black-throated Sparrow
Lark Sparrow Lark Bunting
Dark-eyed Junco Canyon Towhee
Northern Cardinal Dickcissel
Red-winged Blackbird Altamira Oriole
Grey-crowned Rosy-finch Black Rosy-finch
Pronghorn Coyote
Sandia Park
Birdfinders' group
Whooping Crane

Whooping Crane