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Another most successful and enjoyable tour with a total of 215 species. We spent seven nights at PAX, two nights at the beautiful Jasmine Ocean Resort on the northeast coast and four nights at Speyside on Tobago. The food was excellent and some of the group even tried the local specialities from roadside stalls called "roti" and "doubles" as well as "Richard's Bake 'n' Shark"! Although the flight was late, we turned this to our advantage by staying at the delightful Hummingbirds guesthouse close to Crown Point airport on Tobago.

What made the tour particularly special was that almost all species were seen extremely well by almost everyone. No less than 19 species of raptor were found including adult Ornate Hawk-eagle, multiple views of Great Black Hawk and an exquisite pair of Bat Falcons. The bright and colourful were well represented with 14 species of hummingbird, all four kingfishers, three trogons and three manakins and close perched views of Channel-billed Toucan, Blue-crowned Motmot and Rufous-tailed Jacamar. The parrot family were represented by the big and small with Red-bellied Macaws and both Green-rumped and Lilac-tailed Parrotlets.

Typical skulking species showed off to everyone's delight including three Grey-throated Leaftossers and two each of White-bellied Antbird and Black-faced Antthrush. For the second year running the group also scored with the rare and elusive Trinidad Piping-guan. Nightbirds were represented by Lesser Nighthawk, White-tailed Nightjars and two superb Common Potoos. And there was also the totally unexpected – a late evening Leach's Petrel, dazzled by the lights, that landed on our hotel balcony in Tobago.

Bearded Bellbird

Bearded Bellbird