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Birdfinders' fifth tour to Trinidad & Tobago proved as exciting as previous years with a mixture of excellent birding, good weather and great company – essential ingredients for a happy and successful holiday.

During the course of two weeks, we found 211 species with almost all participants seeing almost all of the birds. In addition to the colourful and spectacular species (Collared, Guianan and Green-backed Trogons, Channel-billed Toucan, Rufous-tailed Jacamar, Blue-crowned Motmot and Scarlet Ibis), the "specialities of the islands" – Trinidad Piping-guan, White-tailed Sabrewing and Bearded Bellbird – all performed well for us. There were some unexpected bonuses in the shape of a Black Hawk-eagle, and a trickle of Leach's Petrels close into shore.

For all, a rescheduling of the itinerary produced the real surprise and, perhaps, the highlight of the tour – giant Leatherback Turtles nesting on our hotel beach.

Bearded Bellbird

Bearded Bellbird